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Pinnacle D8 Syringe Indica Watermelon Zkittles DISCONTINUED

Pinnacle D8 Syringe Indica Watermelon Zkittles DISCONTINUED

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The all new Rift Watermelon Zkittles Delta-8 syringe!

By combining 800mg of delta 8 THC and a precise Watermelon Zkittles terpene profile, this indica syringe will be the perfect thing to end your busy days.

Now, the one thing we know to do with a delta-8 syringe is to dab it but did you also know you can use it exactly like you use a tincture, bake it into your foods or hey go ahead and eat the distillate straight up, we ain't judging!

We just want to make sure that all our Wellicy peeps get their wellness products anyway!

So in getting you your wellness products we want to make sure that we only sell the best of the best products in the industry!

So, if you're familiar with the quality and effectiveness of the Pinnacle Hemp line of CBD products, then you won't have to question Rift because it's a Pinnacle Hemp company.

Meaning the same love, time, and high quality material was used in the formulation of the Rift Watermelon Zkittles Delta-8 syringe.

We understand that because it has THC associated with it, you may be concerned about the legality.

So it's important to note, the delta-8 THC used in the Rift Watermelon Zkittles Delta-8 syringe is a hemp derived product.

This was legalized in the 2018 Farm Bill that states isomers, cannabinoids, and derivates are legal as long as the final product does not contain more that 0.3% delta 9 THC.

Rift CBD uses a process known as isomerization where they take hemp derived CBD isolate and convert it into delta-8 THC.

The Rift Watermelon Zkittles Delta-8 Syringe isn't the newest product to showcase delta-8 THC but it will become one of the most popular ways to consume your delta-8 because one of it's amazing Watermelon Zkittles terpene profile, and two it can be used in a multitude of ways!

Since the Rift Watermelon Zkittles Delta-8 syringe is an indica blend, we recommend saving this bad boy for night night time.

Once you receive your Rift Watermelon Zkittles Delta-8 syringe and open the beautiful packaging, you will be greeted with a beautiful syringe filled with crystal clear Watermelon Zkittles delta-8 distillate!

Just push down on the top of the syringe to extract your Rift Watermelon Zkittles delta-8.

With a Watermelon Zkittles terpene profile being an indica, should be left on your nightstand so whenever it's time for bed, you can turn over and know your Rift Watermelon Zkittles Delta-8 syringe will be there for you!

It's important to note that this product will cause slight intoxicating (psychoactive) effects, unlike CBD products.

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